Memorial Day lady liberty

Memorial Day: How We Remember

Memorial Day: How We Remember Distinct from Veteran’s Day, which honors all military men and women, Memorial Day is a day of recognition of those who have died in military service.   Memorial Day has a rich history, and was originally called “Decoration Day” reflecting the tradition of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers, and more […]

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End of Life Planning Documents

Legal Documents for Seniors: A Free eGuide

Legal Documents for Seniors: A Free eGuide Expert Advice Have you begun the conversation with your loved ones? As we and our loved ones grow older there are things that concern us… Is mom going to be able to remain independent? Can dad afford healthcare for his chronic conditions? What if I need to make […]

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Summer travel with pets-road trip

Summer Travel: How to Prepare

Summer Travel: How to Prepare Apparently the economy is improving, and this means extended summer travel may be in the forecast some. Memorial Day is traditionally the kick off day for summer travel, which can cause both excitement and anxiety. Even if you have saved for travel, it’s never a bad idea to look for deals. […]

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Mother's Day celebrates nurturing moms

What is a Mother? A Mother’s Day Look at How Mothers Nurture.

This Mother’s Day Science Care Celebrates the ones who nurture. A mother is an essential life giver. This Mother’s Day Science Care honors mothers around the world for the nurturing guidance they give. Mothers profoundly influence our well being. Research has shown that early experiences between parent and child actually help to shape the brain […]

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Burial, Cremation, Whole Body Donation guide

Burial, Cremation, Whole Body Donation: A Free Guide

Burial, Cremation or Whole Body Donation: 3 Options Wow, these are big topics! It’s true; this can be tough stuff to think about let alone discuss with your loved ones.  That’s why we have created a 4 page fact analysis of the options available regarding burial, cremation, whole body donation and memorialization. With this easy […]

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Request more information about whole body donation.

Whole Body Donor Programs: A Practical Guide

Whole Body Donor Programs – How To Choose? When considering whole body donation for yourself or a loved one, there are various factors to consider.  Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that body donation for medical research exists, let alone what to consider when making a choice. Click below to download our free, handy checklist of items […]

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Science Care honors whole body donors who support life-Arbor Day

Arbor Day – Why Trees Matter to Science Care

Arbor Day – Why Trees Matter to Science Care Today is Arbor Day. Arbor Day (from the Latin arbor, meaning tree) is a day individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees. Tree planting helps to sustain life in forests in need. For Science Care, today is a day to honor those […]

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Earth Day Earth

It’s Earth Day! A Time to Celebrate Life.

It’s Earth Day! A Time to Celebrate Life. The first Earth Day was in 1970 in recognition of the importance of the Earth’s life-giving natural resources and life sustaining biodiversity. Earth Day was supported across political, class and geographic lines. Republicans and democrats, rural and urban citizens, the poor and the wealthy collectively celebrated the […]

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Gardening is good

Garden Goodness – Benefits of Growing your Own Food

Garden Goodness, why growing your own food is a Good thing! Gardening in America has increased by 200%! Why are so many more Americans are growing their own food? According to The National Gardening Association this is because of: an improving economy (Hooray!) healthy food movements increased awareness about gardening growth of community gardens growth of […]

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man with insomnia

Sleepless in America: The struggle for a good night’s sleep in the modern day.

Sleepless in America: The struggle for a good night’s sleep in the modern day Do you have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep at night or staying awake during the day? You are not alone. Sleeplessness affects millions of Americans with 30-40% of adults reporting periodic sleep problems and 10-15% reporting chronic sleeplessness according to the National […]

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