Burial, Cremation, Whole Body Donation: A Free Guide

Burial, Cremation, Whole Body Donation: A Free Guide

Burial, Cremation or Whole Body Donation: 3 Options

Wow, these are big topics!

It’s true; this can be tough stuff to think about let alone discuss with your loved ones.  That’s why we have created a 4 page fact analysis of the options available regarding burial, cremation, whole body donation and memorialization.

With this easy to understand comparison guide you can start to understand what options are available, the costs and the benefits.

Most of us never even think about these things until it becomes glaringly necessary such as when a loved one goes onto hospice care or a friend loses a spouse suddenly…but with just a little education and a brief discussion with your family you can identify what your wishes are and let those that care about you know so they may carry them out.  Believe it or not, families want to carry out your wishes as a way of honoring you.  With just a little information you can help to guide them in one of the most difficult times of life. 

Burial, Cremation, Whole Body Donation Guide

Free Comparison Guide

If you have any questions about this and especially about whole body donation for medical research, education and training our Donation Services Coordinators are available toll free 24 hours a day at 800.417.3747. Feel free to reach out to them!

For more details about the medical research and education opportunities that our donors participate in check out our Research Stories page.

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