Donate Your Body to Science: Basic Facts

Donate Your Body to Science: Basic Facts


If you prefer to grasp a concept visually we have just the thing for you! We created a short slide presentation describing body donation and how it helps to advance medical research and education.  Click below to learn more about the process, who can be a donor, and how to register.  Please share this with friends, family or co-workers.

And if you are a health care professional or paid caregiver just let us know and we can provide a free in-person education session for your team if located near our donation centers (AZ, CA, CO, FL).  And regardless of location give us a call anytime to speak directly with a Donation Services Coordinator.  He/she will be able to answer all your questions and explain the details of donation.

Call 800.417.3747 to request more information or to schedule an in-service presentation.

To learn more about how donors are helping to directly impact improvements in disease treatment and patient outcomes visit our Medical Research Stories page.



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