07-2014 Interview with Anita Finley and Boomer Times Radio, Florida
08-22-2014 Interview with the Long Beach Business Journal
01-24-2014 Free Educational Event: Redlands, CA
01-24-2014 ABC15 Phoenix How to Choose Body Donation Program
9-07-2013 Donors Support Research in Development of Treatment Options
8-02-2013 National Company Helps Residents Leave a Lasting Legacy (Coral Springs Talk, Coral Springs, FL)
6-25-2013 New 30 sec spot on KEZW am radio in Denver!
6-10-2013 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Whole Body Donation in 30 Minutes!
5-30-2013 Informative Interview (10mins) with Carol Blonder of KNFX 1100 Talk Radio in Phoenix
4-26-2013 Science Care Interviewed on Colorado’s Best, on the CW Channel 2
4-08-2013 CA Estate planner pens article about organ donation and Science Care’s whole body donation.
4-03-2013 Interview w/Rick Crandall (CO Broadcast Assoc. Broadcaster of Year 2012) KEZW, Rick’s EZ Guide
3-12-2013 Science Care: Featured cover story in health edition of Long Beach Business Journal Mar 2012
2-26-2013 Science Care Featured on Colorado’s Best Television Show (5 min)
2-14-2013 Interview with Anita Finley of Boomer Times and S.T.A.R.S radio 1430 AM Florida
12-10-2012 New Science Care California Facility
12-10-2012 Interview with Anita Finley for “BoomerTimes and SeniorLife” and “Stars”  Radio Shows
5-23-2012 KTAR Radio Interviews Science Care
5-15-2012 ‘Boomer and the Babe’ Radio Interview
5-15-2012 Interview on “Boomer and the Babe” Radio Show
3-29-2012 Science Care New Florida Facility
3-13-2012 The Daily Courier Selfless Acts Article
2-23-2012 Star News Body Donation Article
2-13-2012 AATB Releases First Non-Transplant Standards
1-12-2012 Science Care Partners with Arbor Day Foundation to Plant 10,000 Trees
12-15-2011 Science Care Plants Trees To Honor Donors
4-07-2011 Science Care Featured in CANA Magazine
3-01-2011 Science Care Opens East Coast Medical Training Facility
1-06-2011 Science Care Awarded Best Place to Work

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