Danna Tibbetts – Arizona

Danna T – Arizona

I joined Science Care after learning about their program from a family friend. It was explained to me how several other family members had been a part of the Registry due to the high cancer rate the family has. By donating the whole body to Science Care, it gives scientists the opportunity to study how the disease may affect people in different ways, while hopefully acting as an educational experience for those doing research in finding a cure and medical treatments. Also, I believe Science Care acts as a financial saver when it comes to end of life expenses many families simply cannot afford these days. Rather than the deceased’s body being buried and lost forever to the natural decaying process, it can be studied and used to help save the lives of those still searching for hope to live. By donating my remains I am not only contributing to research and possibly saving lives, I am also alleviating the huge financial burden my family would have by trying to pay for funeral expenses. Now I have peace of mind knowing I am doing something to help others, as well as my loved ones, even after I’m gone. I am eternally grateful to Science Care for providing their services for such a hopeful cause, and continue to share the story with friends and relatives so they can take part, too.