Donor Story – Earl Lynn Tankersley

jaime-tankersleyWhat kind of person was your father? (Earl Lynn Tankersley)

He was an amazing father to my brother Todd and I – and he was a caring, loyal husband to my mother – and to all of his dear family and friends he was absolutely unconditionally loving.

What were his/her proudest accomplishments?

His family – his children- his grandchildren.

What is your fondest memory of your father?

My mom recalls so many memories of my dad and so many reasons to be proud. He was a high school football hero, a track star in college, president of his SAE fraternity, president of his company SASI, and much later best participant at the JCL Adult Day Care and star on the HBO Alzheimer’s series. He was passionate about doing the vaccine study for Alzheimers because he knew it would help many in the future.

What did the act of donation mean to your father?

It was his idea to give his body for others to learn from. He knew he was an eternal spirit and his body belonged to this world – he wouldn’t need it anymore once he was back in the spirit world.

Story submitted by Jaime Tankersley