Donor Story – Stephen Falley

stephen-falleyDonors Name: Stephen Falley

What kind of person was your brother?

My brother was the most wonderful brother to me. He was kind and loving. After our father died at an early age. My brother stepped in to be a father to his 15 year old sister. Until he died, his love and devotion of a wonderful brother never changed. I considered him to be my very best friend. He was my companion on trips and cruises. He was my person who I went to for answers and friendship.

What were his/her proudest accomplishments in life?

My brother served on the U.S. Navy. He was always in service for computer science and managerial work. He helped many people with his friendship and his financial status. At the end of his life he had memories of living in California assisting one of our other brothers in his business. He worked there until that brother passed away. He was the father that I didn’t have.

What is your fondest memory of your brother?

After my brother moved to South Florida, he decided that he would not wear winter clothes any more. He treated me to a trip to cold Boston where he wore only his Bermuda shorts. And on one cruise since he didn’t take long pants he went to the dining room in his pj bottoms. He was always ready and able to travel with me.

What did the act of donation mean to your brother, you or your family?

My brother @ the age of 74 was quite sick. When I heard of Science Care, we decided that his body would be perfect for research. He agreed to the idea and wanted me to receive his cremains to scatter on cruises that my husband and I took. And now he is there, where we went to visit together. But the most important thing to me is that his death was not for nothing. When I received the list of what they used his body for, I was so proud. Now both my Husband and I carry our Science Care card with us. So we may help others as well. It is one year later and I received notice of a tree planted in his name.

Story submitted by Ilene F.