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Supporting Life Through Whole Body Donation

Thank you for your interest in supporting life through whole body donation for medical research and education.  By joining the Science Care registry of potential donors you can help to advance medicine and improve life for us all.  When you join the donor registry you help eliminate confusion about your wishes. We provide you with the tools to begin the conversation with your loved ones, as they are likely the ones to call Science Care at the time of need.  Most family members want to carry out your wishes and would like direction on what they are.

There is no age limit and individuals can join the Science Care donor registry anytime after age 18 in approved states (AZ, CA, DE, CO, FL, IL, PA and NY). If you live outside of one of these states, simply let your loved ones know of your wishes to become a donor  with Science Care so they can call either at your entry onto hospice care or at the time of passing to start the process. It’s that simple.

There are two options to join the donor registry:

Complete the online registry form:

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