Tree Planting Arbor Day

Celebrate National Arbor Day – April 24

Arbor Day is a chance for us to celebrate nature through the planting and care of trees. The holiday is observed nationally on the last Friday in April, however many states observe this special tree-planting day at different times throughout the year, depending on their growing season.

Arbor Day was officially established in America in 1872 when the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture accepted a resolution from J. Sterling Morton to set aside a special day for planting trees. J. Sterling Morton moved to Nebraska Territory in 1854. Being lovers of nature, Mr. Morton and his wife, Caroline, surrounded their home with trees, shrubs and flowers. Mr. Morton, who became editor of Nebraska’s first newspaper, used the paper as a forum to educate the public about the importance of trees and agriculture. READ MORE

Healthy Aging Tips

Healthy Aging Practices

People can change their lives any time of the year but the springtime is one of the best seasons. It’s the most refreshing time after being cooped up all winter. And it offers hope and new beginnings.

But setting healthy goals demand effort and planning. We pray, wish, write down, join, swear, assess, let go, add, and calculate. Why then after so much energy, come the summer, we’re nowhere near the finish line?

For some people, making physical, emotional, and spiritual changes are easy and natural. While for others, it’s next to the impossible!READ MORE

Home Health Care

How Patients Use Home Health Care

Patients and families find value in receiving health care at home. The best times are during a chronic health episode, post-acute care, and after a medical treatment. The results will yield high patient improvements and lower health care and out-of-pocket expenses.READ MORE

Brain Research Science

We Have Science on the Brain!

As part of our mission to support medical science and research, Science Care donors are involved a variety of research projects dealing with the human brain. Even though many diseases and conditions affecting the brain have no cure, thanks to Science Care donors, medical researchers and institutions like the Miami Brain Endowment Bank™, more is being learned each year and the research looks promising.

In support of “National Autism Awareness Month” (April), we asked Deborah C. Mash PhD – Founder and Director, University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank™ to give us the details on Autism Spectrum Disorder. READ MORE