The Top Questions Caregivers Ask

Helping an aging parent or relative continue to live safely, independently, and connected is a tough role to undertake. And when a family member takes on the role and volunteers to become a caregiver, it’s done with little support and guidance. Most of us learn what to do one moment at a time. READ MORE

5 Tips To Successfully Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Most people remember lots of New Year resolutions that fell by the wayside and were soon forgotten. Sometimes the expectations were unrealistic and offered no incentive to succeed. If you are serious about making a change for the better this year, improving your health, earning more money, or learning new things, you can accomplish it by setting a realistic goal. Choose something you truly want to do, and use the following suggestions to reach your goal.READ MORE

Who Has the Right to Make Funeral Decisions?

It’s a sad and distressing time when a loved one passes away. In addition to the raw emotion of such a difficult time comes the administrative planning of a funeral.

There are many aspects of a funeral that need to be considered, including whether to cremate or bury your loved one, to hold a funeral service or a memorial service, whether to include any religious traditions, and if so, which ones, and finally, where should the events be held? Or maybe you want to choose whole body donation and hold your own private memorial service?READ MORE