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5 Ways to have the Money Talk with Aging Parents

It’s difficult to bring up money matters with older relatives. It’s a topic that they believe is no one’s business. Our entire culture carries the same belief. Many families think it’s a private subject and consider it to be insensitive if brought up. But in the case of older parents, it may be the only personal issue have control over. They may even be embarrassed if brought up.

A decade ago, my siblings and I had the money talk with our parents. It was our mom who felt very comfortable discussing financial issues, but dad wanted to avoid it altogether. He was old school felt insulted. He hesitated to share the key code to their personal safe. It took a lot of coaxing to persuade him. READ MORE

Where Do the Aging Without Children Find Help?

It’s well-known that people needing care turn to family caregivers. The Family Caregiver Alliance reports close to 44 million family members give aid to another individual over 50 years of age. AARP says it’s a dilemma that America faces; the family caregiving force is shrinking, dramatically. That’s a big problem since so many older adults rely on them. But what about the individuals who live without children, who do they turn to when an illness or an emergency happens? READ MORE

Plastic Surgery: Discoveries Resulting From Whole Body Donation

By Erin Azuse for Science Care

Earlier this summer, a story broke regarding the meeting of Richard Norris and Rebekah Aversano. In 2012, Norris, who was terribly disfigured from a gunshot wound, was the recipient of the first full facial transplant in the United States when he received the face of Aversano’s deceased brother. The meeting allowed Aversano to witness the results of the surgery and, for the first time, see her brother’s face on Norris’s body.

Sounds a bit like the stuff of science fiction, right? Yet it is quite real.
Plastic surgery is so much more than just cosmetic surgery. It is the repair or reconstruction of part of the body, often as the result of injury. For a woman undergoing breast reconstruction after a mastectomy, a child who survived a horrific fire, or for a man such as Norris above, plastic surgery can be a treatment modality that dramatically improves an individual’s quality of life.READ MORE

How the White House Conference on Aging Topics Affect Older Americans

If you had an opportunity to read the discussions held at the White House Conference on Aging two weeks ago, you’d know that many solutions are in the works. One topic addressed the hardship of family caregiving while working a full-time job. Ms. Ai-Jen Poo author of The Age of Dignity encouraged the panel to see the family caregivers as a mainstay of support for the older generation. And their value is extremely high. READ MORE