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How to Choose a Primary Care Physician

When selecting a primary care physician or a health care practitioner, it’s important to choose a medical professional who works well with you and your health needs. First decide what type of physician you need. For example, when selecting a doctor do you need one to help manage your overall healthcare and then refer you to a specialist? Or would you prefer choosing a doctor specializing in chronic illness?

After that decision check with your health insurance plan. It may confine your choice, putting limits on a group of plan-approved physicians. Always consider the terms in your plan. And if the doctor that you want does not participate in the program, check your out-of-pocket costs for the visit.

In the U.S., most physicians are board certified. The primary care physicians are board certified in family medicine and only see patients for routine ailments and regular checkups. Specialists see patients who need special procedures like a colonoscopy or help with a chronic condition. READ MORE

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Top 26 Resources for Family Caregivers

Families give 80% of the long-term care in this country to loved ones, and their need for information is growing. Unfortunately, family members do not receive training, and the care they give is learned by trial and error.

Often, caregivers make the mistake to think they should not burden others with their feelings because they are not the one who is ill. Talking about the illness of an aging parent and how you feel about it can help relieve stress.

If you’re giving care to a young child or parent, the first step is to educate oneself about the care a person needs. There are several facets of the care a recipient requires from you, but here are the top three:READ MORE

Tree Planting Arbor Day

Celebrate National Arbor Day – April 24

Arbor Day is a chance for us to celebrate nature through the planting and care of trees. The holiday is observed nationally on the last Friday in April, however many states observe this special tree-planting day at different times throughout the year, depending on their growing season.

Arbor Day was officially established in America in 1872 when the Nebraska State Board of Agriculture accepted a resolution from J. Sterling Morton to set aside a special day for planting trees. J. Sterling Morton moved to Nebraska Territory in 1854. Being lovers of nature, Mr. Morton and his wife, Caroline, surrounded their home with trees, shrubs and flowers. Mr. Morton, who became editor of Nebraska’s first newspaper, used the paper as a forum to educate the public about the importance of trees and agriculture. READ MORE

Healthy Aging Tips

Healthy Aging Practices

People can change their lives any time of the year but the springtime is one of the best seasons. It’s the most refreshing time after being cooped up all winter. And it offers hope and new beginnings.

But setting healthy goals demand effort and planning. We pray, wish, write down, join, swear, assess, let go, add, and calculate. Why then after so much energy, come the summer, we’re nowhere near the finish line?

For some people, making physical, emotional, and spiritual changes are easy and natural. While for others, it’s next to the impossible!READ MORE