Home Health Care

How Patients Use Home Health Care

Patients and families find value in receiving health care at home. The best times are during a chronic health episode, post-acute care, and after a medical treatment. The results will yield high patient improvements and lower health care and out-of-pocket expenses.READ MORE

Brain Research Science

We Have Science on the Brain!

As part of our mission to support medical science and research, Science Care donors are involved a variety of research projects dealing with the human brain. Even though many diseases and conditions affecting the brain have no cure, thanks to Science Care donors, medical researchers and institutions like the Miami Brain Endowment Bank™, more is being learned each year and the research looks promising.

In support of “National Autism Awareness Month” (April), we asked Deborah C. Mash PhD – Founder and Director, University of Miami Brain Endowment Bank™ to give us the details on Autism Spectrum Disorder. READ MORE

Post Acute Care Providers

Who are Post-Acute Care Providers?

When the hospital discharges a loved one, the family caregiver might not be prepared. After all, the accident or fall happened suddenly, and there was no time to plan the post-acute care. Who had time to do that? The entire family rallied to keep the family member comfortable in the hospital.

But now the discharge and your loved one cannot go home. They will need rehab therapy.

So, now what? You scramble for a rehab facility that provides post-acute care for recovering patients.

The first question many family members ask, does my loved one qualify for Medicare? The discharge planner tells you, “She needs help but doesn’t qualify for skilled nursing care, the kind Medicare covers.”READ MORE

Science Care reviews

A Letter to Science Care

“When my mother passed away last July, we had discussed donations as an option, as a family, but made no pre arrangements. Her passing was shocking, as it always is. Slow, yet sudden. I was the only one here to make decisions. When the mortuary was calling, asking what I wanted to do with her remains…I was in a daze and quite frankly at a total loss. I’d never done this before. My mother had just passed away and I was left with so many decisions. In a frenzy, I took to the internet to find options. READ MORE