Senior Housing, Important Questions to Ask

Looking for a new home for mom or dad?

As our parents age, they may find the family house they raised their kids in a little too much to handle. Moving to a smaller place where landscaping is taken care of and household dusting takes less time can allow seniors to enjoy more of their later years.

But finding the right place for you parents requires a little research. If you parents are still active, work with them to find a place that meets their present needs and still offers the services to meet their future needs.


Caregiver Friendship

Do you have a friend who has become a caregiver? 

Do you miss your friend and wish you could spend more time together? Well, your friend probably feels the same way.

One way to keep your friendship strong during a challenging caregiving period is to cultivate shared experience. You can do this by joining your friend in what she does and by including your friend in what you do. Whether you share her caregiver experience or support your friend in sharing experience outside the caregiver role, you are connecting and strengthening your bond of friendship.


Free Cremation in Florida

Cremation costs less than a traditional burial, but the average cost of cremation is still pretty high, up to $2500 when cremation, basic funeral services and transportation of your loved one are calculated in. Costs of cremation can be especially high in densely populated areas such as Florida.