Average Cost of Cremation is High

A traditional burial costs upwards of $6000. Many people choose cremation as a more affordable alternative. Though cremation is usually less expensive than a traditional burial, cremation is not always an affordable option.

Rates for basic cremation vary according to where you live, with more densely populated regions having higher average cost of cremation. Costs usually range between $700 and $1100 with the average cost of cremation running about $900. But this is only the cost for the actual cremation, which does not include other nececessary professional fees.


18 Things to Ask When Comparing Hospice Providers

Are you confused about what to consider in a hospice provider?

As a caregiver, you may have to take on much of the responsibility of seeking out and vetting a hospice provider. First, speak with the patient’s physician to get as much information as possible.  Then you may want to spend some time doing a little internet research by searching on keywords such as:

  • What is hospice?
  • About hospice
  • Questions to ask about hospice