Hip and Knee Replacement Surgery for Boomers – Short Video

Are you kidding me? Hip and Knee replacements in Boomers improve their sex lives?! Now that’s what I call improved quality of life! Check this out: “Nearly a million people a year have a total hip or knee replacement; numbers have soared in the past 10 years and are expected to keep growing as Boomers refuse to accept the sedentary lifestyle that besets someone with painful arthritis. End-stage arthritis is the leading cause for joint replacement.”


What the heck is “anatomical donation” anyway?

Have you heard this term?  Anatomical donation?  It sounds very intimidating and clinical.  The bottom line is that anatomical donation is simply body donation.  Science Care helps to facilitate this type of donation.  We serve as the link between folks that want to donate their bodies to science and the medical researchers and educators that rely on human tissue to advance medicine.


30 Minute In Depth Interview About Whole Body Donation with Anita Finley!

Anita Finley hosts the S.T.A.R.S radio program on 1470 AM in Florida.  Melinda Ellsworth, Director of Donor Services chatted with her about the benefits of whole body donation to the medical community, the process for donor families, the benefits to families and how folks can get involved.  It was a great opportunity to share a deeper story about the gifts of whole body donation for medical research, education and training.  Please help to spread the word and share this link with others.

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