Interview with Anita Finley for “BoomerTimes and SeniorLife” and “Stars” Radio Shows

Science Care’s Director of Donor Services, Melinda Ellsworth, was interviewed by Anita Findley for the “BoomerTimes and Senior Life” and “Stars” AM radio shows in south Florida. The topics of discussion covered the benefits to families and the local Florida medical community, how the donation process works and the applications of the research and education in healthcare that impacts everyone. The interview was a great way to inform the south Florida radio listeners about the option of whole body donation.  It gave us a chance to discuss in depth the needs of the medical bioskills community, the non-transplant whole body donation process and the benefits to the surviving family members.  We thank you Anita for hosting us on your show and we look forward to spending more time with you and your listeners! Listen to the entire interview here.

South Florida Radio Interview

If you are in south Florida or online, listen to a radio interview with Science Care’s Director of Donor Services on Saturday November 24th on: ANITA FINDLEY’S radio shows “Stars” from 5-8AM on WSBR 740AM ( and “BoomerTimes & SeniorLife” from 8-9PM on WWNN 1470AM (  We will post the audio file on our site after the airing of the show. Thank you to Anita for a great discussion about the benefits of whole body donation. Whole body donation improves the lives of everyone! Shout out to Boomer Times!

PBS Goes Inside a Total Hip Replacement

Science Care donors are critical to the development of new and increasingly less invasive surgical techniques.
These advances directly impact the reduction of trauma to tissues during surgery, recovery times, and pain.  Without the amazing gift of whole body donation, progress would take much, much longer to implement.  Medical device companies and surgeons rely on bioskills labs to create these breakthroughs and to train prior to clinical implementation.