Average Funeral and Cremation Costs

Check out this article from the Chicago Tribune regarding the costs associated with traditional funeral care in the U.S.  With the average costs of funerals and cremation on the rise and incomes falling many people initially become interested in the concept of whole body donation as it includes cremation at no cost to the family.  However, upon learning more about the medical advancements that the gift of donation helps to support folks often become supporters and refer friends and family.  If you or a friend is interested in learning more about whole body donation for medical research, education and training feel free to call any time to speak to a Donation Services Coordinator at 800.417.3747.  We are available 24 hours a day.

12 Year Anniversary of Science Care

June marks the 12 year anniversary of the founding of Science Care, the first accredited whole body donor program for medical research, education and training.  As well, this month signifies a milestone in helping donors and their families through the donation process at the time of their greatest need.  The mission of Science Care began as a call to help people.  This remains true twelve years later.  By engaging with the public in a discussion about the benefits of tissue donation to advance healthcare, Science Care has helped shape a culture of giving back.  One donor at a time, one physician at a time leading to the improved practice of medicine for years to come.  We honor those who have given of themselves so freely and selflessly and we say Thank You.

To learn more about whole body donation and the benefits to healthcare advancement visit www.sciencecare.com or call 800.417.3747.

Letter from Donor Family

We received this letter in the mail today from a woman who supported her brother’s decision to donate his body to science:

“My husband and I have decided that donation is the best thing we can do when the time comes. After reading your website I realized that your service makes sense. With my medical issues, I may not have been alive today if it were not for other caring individuals who donated their remains for medical research. Thank you for what you do, who you are, and the way you conduct business.

From the initial phone call to the gentleman that picked up my brother, everyone was kind, caring, and displayed professionalism in my time of need.”