Whole Body Donor Programs: A Practical Guide

Whole Body Donor Programs: A Practical Guide

Whole Body Donor Programs – How To Choose?

When considering whole body donation for yourself or a loved one, there are various factors to consider.  Unfortunately, many people are not even aware that body donation for medical research exists, let alone what to consider when making a choice.

Click below to download our free, handy checklist of items to review when comparing donor programs.

Download Our Guide on Whole Body Donor Programs

To leave a legacy through whole body donation is a very personal and important decision.  If you or any of your family members have questions our Donation Services Coordinators are available 24 hours a day to assist and many frequently asked questions are addressed on our website.


Here are just a few of the medical and scientific areas in which Science Care donors have made important contributions:

Heart disease research

Diabetes research advancement

Cancer treatment research

Anatomy training at medical schools

Cochlear and inner ear implant development

Spinal injury treatments

Knee and hip replacement

Paramedic life saving training

Colon and liver disease treatment

Lifesaving reconstructive surgery








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