10 Great Books for Caregivers

10 Great Books for Caregivers

If you’re new to caregiving or elder care and don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a list of some top-rated books available at Amazon that will help answer your questions:

How to Care for Aging Parents - 3rd Edition: A One-Stop Resource for All Your Medical, Financial, Housing, and Emotional Issues - Feb 2014

By Virginia Morris and Jennie Chin Hansen RN MSN FAAN

"The bible of eldercare”—ABC World News. “An indispensable book” —AARP. “A compassionate guide of encyclopedic proportion” —The Washington Post.

Elder Rage, or Take My Father... Please!: How to Survive Caring for Aging Parents - Apr 2001

By Jacqueline Marcell and Rodman Shankle

“Elder Rage" is a Book-on-the-Month Club selection (a caregiving book first), receiving 500+ 5-Star Amazon reviews.

Elder Care Assistance: A Practical Guide Covering Health, Financial and Legal Considerations - May 2013

By Sandy Myerson

Are you prepared for a family crisis? Do you have a record of all your assets? Do you have the legal documents ready so that someone can make decisions?

The Complete Eldercare Planner, Revised and Updated Edition: Where to Start, Which Questions to Ask, and How to... - Apr 2009

By Joy Loverde

As our population shifts and ages, the care needs for our elders continue to change and evolve. Today’s generation of family and professional caregivers faces new decisions and challenges.

Coping With Your Difficult Older Parent : A Guide for Stressed-Out Children - Feb 1999

By Grace Lebow and Barbara Kane

For the first time, here's a common-sense guide from professionals, with more than two decades in the field, on how to smooth communications with a challenging parent. Filled with practical tips for handling contentious behaviors and sample dialogues for some of the most troubling situations.

Eldercare For Dummies - May 2003

By Rachelle Zukerman

Need help caring for an elderly loved one? This sensitive, reassuring guide provides strategies for assessing older persons' needs, arranging for care, ensuring their safety, and enhancing quality of life - all while respecting their dignity.

Stages of Senior Care: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Best Decisions - Nov 2009

By Paul Hogan and Lori Hogan

A USA Today bestseller. Informative. Complete. And practical. This book will guide family caregivers through the surprisingly complex world of senior care.

Elder Care: The Road To Growing Old Is Not Paved - Apr 2013

By Fricker, J.D., Gcm, Buckley

Elder Care: The Road to Growing Old Is Not Paved is a first-of-its kind reference manual covering the legal, financial, housing and health care considerations of aging boomers themselves as well as issues confronting them as caregivers.

Circles of Care: How to Set Up Quality Care for Our Elders in the Comfort of Their Own Homes - Apr 2001

By Ann Cason and Reeve Lindbergh

My parent needs help, but refuses to consider a nursing home That's the dilemma facing millions of baby boomers today. How can we ensure responsible, compassionate, even uplifting care for our aging parents at home?

How to Care for Aging Parents - Oct 2004

By Virginia Morris and Robert M. Butler

The best and bestselling book of its kind. Originally published in 1995, How To Care For Aging Parents, won a Books for a Better Life Award, and was praised as "an indispensable book" (AARP).

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