Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Donor Impact

Breast Cancer Awareness Month & Donor Impact

As you probably already know, October is breast cancer awareness month. The time of year when various national public service organizations, professional medical associations and government agencies all work together to promote breast cancer awareness, raise funds and hopefully get closer to finding a cure. Everywhere you look, people are wearing pink, participating in awareness events and contributing to the cause.

Throughout the years, there have been many advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, and Science Care whole body donors have done their part to help make these advancements possible. With the help of donors, researchers and medical device companies have developed new types of breast biopsy instruments for image-guided breast biopsy procedures. Instruments like these improve diagnoses and treatments for those suffering from ailments of the breast region such as cancer. Research scientists are all also working on promising targeted gene therapies, immunotherapy treatments and improvements in chemotherapy treatments.

The important role that Science Care donors play towards the advancement of medicine on a global scale is astounding. Donors have contributed to research and training advancements for practically every disease and condition plaguing the population. Know someone who just went through a successful surgery? Received a new implant? A new medication to treat a disease? Chances are, a whole body donor was instrumental in helping to make it possible. Without proper training and testing using whole body donors, the medical field would not be where it is today. Surgeons would lack proper training on critical procedures; numerous disease fighting drugs would not make it to market; medical devices used to save the lives of heart patients, stroke patients, kidney patients, lung patients, and more would not be as effective. Thanks to the generosity of whole body donors choosing to give back to medical science, research and training, the advancement of medicine is in good hands and will continue to strive.


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