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Does your New Year’s resolution list include:
Choose Body Donation Program?

We can help. There are several options available when considering body donation and it can be confusing. This video gives a quick overview of what body donation is and how it should work. Science Care was asked for input in this ABC 15 news story in Phoenix and we were happy to help. Choosing a whole body donor program is a very personal and important decision. Select a donor program when you feel comfortable that all of your questions have been answered.


Can I have a memorial service if I choose whole body donation? (and other questions)

The answer is a resounding YES!

We educate folks each day on the options available.  As a donor you family can still choose to have a memorial service or celebration of life event right away or after 3-5 weeks upon receiving the cremated remains.  It is a personal choice.  Our Donation Services Coordinators will offer to help locate a funeral establishment locally to help with any service arrangements or memorialization products.


Middle Ear Implant Technology Brings Sound to Texas Mother of Two

Science Care serves as the link between those that wish to donate their body to medical science and the researchers and educators that need human tissue to advance medicine. Donors participate in various life enhancing projects ranging from cancer treatment to heart valve repair to minimally invasive hip replacement research and surgical training.  To help illustrate the real life impact of donation on people today, Science Care recently asked Sarah Churman, 30, about her personal experiences receiving a revolutionary middle ear implant device to improve her lifelong genetic hearing loss. Whole body donors aid in the development of such technology and in the training of surgeons performing these types of procedures.  Sarah, a mother and wife living with her family in Texas has dealt with deafness her entire life. Her specific type of hearing loss is a genetic abnormality that was discovered at about 18 months of age.


Donors Help Others Live Longer With Improved Heart Stent Techniques

Donation Fact:  Recently Science Care donors participated in research to improve the design of safe and effective devices for the treatment of chronic total coronary occlusions. Specifically a research facility is working on minimally invasive aortic stents and grafts. It is hoped that this research will lead to improved treatments and outcomes for patients. Thank you donors!

Q: What are the distinctions between whole body donor programs/terms such as…

Whole Body Donation, Full Body Donation, Cadaver Donation, Anatomical Gifts, Willed Body Programs, Direct Cremation, Simple Cremation and No Cost Cremation.

Essentially the following terms are interchangeable: Whole Body Donation, Full Body Donation, Cadaver Donation, Willed Body Program.
Basically folks donate the entire body upon passing for a stated use.  The body may be utilized as a full cadaver specimen or may be segmented for multiple bio specimen uses.


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