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Choosing to join the Science Care Donor Registry is an important first step in helping future generations benefit from advancements in medical science. We are grateful to the 90,000+ people who have joined the donor registry and we wanted to share with you some of their reasons for joining.

Why I Joined

“I think that everyone needs a better life and if science can make someone else live a better life, it will make me happy!” Francis H – Nevada


My life has been one miracle after another ever since I can remember being alive. I was very sick as a child, a ruptured appendix as a teen, kidney failure and eventual transplant as a young adult, and a couple of bouts of cancer later on in life. I have been involved in a medical research program as a result of the transplant and not needing anti-rejection medication. I would love to make more of a difference in the world and this is one way I see that I can do that.  Teri M – Florida


“I have a rare heart condition which after my death it would a great honor for doctors and medical students to help others by learning more about adults with tetralogy of fallout.” D. Hawkins – Texas


“I was interested in cremation as my final journey. I had never heard of whole body donation upon reading about it. It was like everything just fell into place. This is what I had been missing. It just puts me at peace. I’m able to help others but at the same time have my final wishes out and take the burden off of my family. Also, they would be informed by a letter of ways I had helped others. Then a year later to have a tree planted in my memory for my family. My family and I discussed this option for me. They said ultimately it was my decision and whatever I wanted they would support. So in the end, I’m finally at peace with my final wishes. It has just given me a calm peaceful feeling.” Linda W. – Nevada


“I believe that we are put on this earth for many reasons. Once our time has ended, we should leave a legacy behind of ourselves by donating our body to science. There’s no reason to be buried or cremated when you have the great opportunity to have science use your body for research. If everyone donated, we might have cures for a lot of illness. The world would definitely be a better place.” Maria T. – California


“Donation makes sense to me for the advancement and evolution of health care. It’s a great way to celebrate one’s life.” Rob L. – Texas


“I have a mutation of the brain that goes back several generations and has taken several family members. I would like the future family members to be more knowledgeable than their previous generations.” Valerie M. – Colorado


“I feel that if anyone could benefit from my body, that’s all that counts. I would especially like my brain to be studied to help people with epilepsy as I’ve had intractable seizures since I was 5 yrs. old.” Marla P. – Illinois


“I joined the donor registry to make it simple for my family when the time comes.” Sharon M – Arizona


“I do not want my children to be burdened with any arrangements. The less suffering to them the better. I also thought Medical Science may benefit in helping others.” Marcia L. – Florida


“Cancer has been a curse in my family as far back as I can remember. Always in the back of my mind as I made long range plans, cancer was always a determining factor. I wonder how different things would have been if it weren’t for this constant dark companion. Fear of the excruciating pain that I saw my mother endure and the constant fear of contracting cancer from reasons that I was not aware including second hand smoke, numerous pollutions of our environment as well as those causes that are now known, make this decision seem all the more practical. If I can leave my granddaughters any legacy at all, it is that in a small way, I contributed to the better understanding of this disease.” John A. – Pennsylvania


“My Mother donated her body to help in research and I am doing the same. I feel it’s the right thing to do.” John L. – Arizona


“I have had so many illnesses and 17 surgeries with another in the future and have been able to come out of it O.K. and lead a very active life. I am 84 and still fighting terrible back pain, but still active. My husband has COPD and on oxygen full time. I love to do things for the children, especially teenagers. I try to send them notes of encouragement and make lots of birthday cakes. I love teaching the girls how to do things and most recently a class on quilt making. The only trouble with the sewing is the mothers want to learn too and when the mother’s become my friends the teenagers are not so close to me. I am also an officer and on board of directors for Rio Grande Valley Quilt Guild, with a membership of 250 or more. If it weren’t for medical science I would have been dead years ago. The medical care here in the Rio Grande Valley is unsurpassed. A young friend of mine is in second year of college here in the valley with a new group to be a Doctor. I want to be able to help someone else when I have passed on.” Nila L. – Texas


“I like helping people, if donating my body to science helps to save other lives, then that alone will make my life a success!” Timothy D. – Florida


“From the time I was a young woman, I always said I wanted to be cremated. By donating my body, I can maybe make a difference to at least one person. Also, the donation will make everything easier for my family.” Margaux E. – California


“It is important to me that I try to help others with the same type of medical problems that I have. Through donating my body – I feel that after being a Registered Nurse & a Physician Assistant – I can continue to help people after I pass. What can be better than that?”
Robert W. – California


“When my late husband passed we used Science Care through referral of hospice facility and they were so wonderful in my time of grief and knowing his body was going to help others made me want to become a part of it when my time comes as well as to alleviate the financial burden on my new family.” Susan H. – Florida


“When my mother passed away last July, our family discussed donations as an option but had made no pre arrangements. Her passing was shocking, as it always is. Slow, yet sudden. I was the only one here to make decisions. When the mortuary was called and asked what I wanted to do with her remains…I was in a daze and quite frankly at a total loss. I’d never done this before. My mother had just passed away and I was left with so many decisions. In a frenzy, I took to the internet to find options.

Science Care was honestly, the first site I clicked on. I filled out a simple application and in less than an hour, I was on the phone with a coordinator. Now, I can’t stress this enough…I have no affiliation with Science Care, but they were so very kind and gentle with me during this emotional process. Tears are streaming down my face now as I recall my story. The caring voice on the other end was the first comfort I had felt during this daze. They made it so incredibly easy! My mother’s remains were picked up THAT DAY! All I had to do was fill out a few forms via e-mail. My brother, who lives in another state, was sent the same forms. Once we both consented, and signed by electronic signature….it was all done. I cannot tell you how easy it was. The whole process took about an hour! If you have ever lost someone, and been in that haze of grief, I’m sure you understand the importance of ease.

A few days had gone by, maybe a week or so, and that same lovely coordinator called me to check in on my grieving process! Who does this? I was so touched. It not only felt professional, but personal. In about 2 weeks, my mother’s cremated remains were airmailed to me. She was placed in a lovely box with a beautiful crystal. All of this, at NO CHARGE to me! I have told everyone about my experience and urge all of my loved ones to pre-register. I just did and it feels wonderful knowing that my family will not have to make these decisions and I know they will be handled with respect and true caring. What better way to exit this life….to possibly help another. There is no greater gift! Thank you, Science Care…thank you for your ease and above all your kindness. I am forever grateful.” Siobhan V. – California


“Hopefully the donation of my body will help train doctors in surgery and will provide medical assistance to others in need.”
James D. – California


“Why burden your family with all the funeral arrangements at such a difficult time. This is the last thing I can do to contribute when it matters.” Cynthia C. – Arizona


“I believe that with my body can help save hundreds of lives by teaching new doctors or specialists to help find cures to help sick people that will need their help someday.” William H. – California


“Our Children have been so awesome to their dad and me, doing great and wonderful things through the years, so we may find a little joy and happiness in our lives. We are financially challenged and we don’t want them to be burdened with the possibility of cremation / burial costs. Donating our bodies and organs to Science seems to be the right thing to do. It’s the last gift we can give on this beautiful Earth.” Sandi G. – California


“I had been a donor all my life, whether it was blood or body parts. When I saw your ad I said to myself this is for me!” Mara H. – Florida


“I registered for peace of mind for my family, friends and me. I have informed friends and family of this option. I really appreciate this service and I am happy to be a part of your group.” Zoe C. – Colorado


“It is the ultimate act of recycling. Existence is cyclic. Our world and its people desperately need better care–we must do whatever we can to achieve that end.” Susan D. – Arizona


“I’m an active duty nurse. My purpose in life is to be a blessing to someone else. I believe that same purpose should extend after my passing. If donating my body is a blessing to a single person then I’ve completed my purpose!” Constance S. – Colorado


“I wish to be cremated; I believe in utilizing the body to its fullest, including making it available for research/reuse. Science Care accomplishes this quickly and easily for my family, plus all costs are covered which leaves less stress for my family when I pass.”
Marion S. – California


“I am already an organ donor. I would like to help out science but also don’t want to leave my family a bill after I die.” Tomena A. – Texas


“The deciding factor was a dear friend Melissa. She was recently taken by an allergic reaction at the age of 49. She was an otherwise healthy person and her family donated all organs possible to save others. I would like to do the same and help all I can. I won’t need the organs or anything when I leave earth so why not help another human being in hopes they can have a full life or help medical doctors learn & discover new ways of helping others.” Mary M. – Arizona


“I am a cancer survivor and hope that by donating my body for science it may help towards finding that cure we all pray for.”
Elizabeth C. – Arizona


“If lives can be saved or improved by this donation, it just makes sense. To just cremate or bury someone, nothing is accomplished. Besides, I like to think that my passing has an impact on someone else in a positive way, so part of me lives on in some way.” Miriam P. – Colorado


“My investments are not readily available when I die, so as not to be burden to anyone, I can rapidly be taken without any expense to my loved ones.” Roger V. – California


“A friend recommended that I do this so hopefully someday I’ll be able to help others. My friend has done this herself.” Peggy W. – Arizona


“So many people have helped me in my life. I just want to help as many people as I can.” Ted B. – California


“If any part of my body can help the scientific community I feel I will have made a contribution to my future fellow man.” Dennis C. – Arizona


“Upon passing, I want my body cremated. To help others with research and medical training, I have chosen to donate my body to Science Care. I understand that by doing so, I can make a difference in the lives of others in the future.” Janet D. – Arizona


“I am 91 years of age and unusually healthy. I have been active licensed driver for over 70 years.

I walk unassisted for the most part – rarely use any cane or other physical support. I have type 2 diabetes. I have never smoked tobacco (nor anything else). NEVER used non-prescription drugs. My LIFETIME alcohol consumption is probably less than five gallons.

I have lived a long and active life -survived the great depression and military service during WW2; Travelled extensively, worked on literally hundreds of jobs throughout the country. I worked over 48 years of my life – retired 1987. The last 30 years of my employment was: Computer Programmer/Analyst/instructor and for over six years of this time as supervisor

I am mentally cognizant- principally (I feel) due to the fact that I keep occupied with using computers, internet, and building computers for relatives and friends.

My reasons for registering with Science Care are:

  • I have four children all retired, all living.
  • I am not dependent on any of my children.
  • None of my children are dependent on me.

But upon my death there are no survivor benefits from my service with Federal Civil Service nor Railroad Retirement.

I am not interested in having a funeral or grave which may very likely never be visited. I would also like to feel that my body could be of some useful service instead of being buried, burned or otherwise wastefully disposed of. At this time, I genuinely feel that I will quite probably live several more years.” Russell B. – California

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