Dr. Diane Eklund Bio

Dr. Diane Eklund

Non-Transplant Anatomic Medical Bank Director

Dr. Eklund is a board certified clinical pathologist with extensive and varied experience in laboratory direction, transfusion medicine and cellular therapy.  Serving as Non-Transplant Anatomic Medical Bank Director for Science Care, Dr. Eklund’s duties include oversight responsibility of medical policies and procedures, as well as assistance with accreditation through the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB). Dr. Eklund supervises OSHA and other regulatory compliance issues of a medical nature, interprets serological results of donations and provides clinical recommendations for continuing medical education.

Dr. Eklund brings an extensive amount of experience to her role at Science Care including serving as Medical Director for PharosDX, CLIA Medical Director for Gila River Health Care laboratories and previous roles as Chief Medical Officer for the San Diego Blood Bank, Vice President Medical Affairs and Medical Director National Marrow Donor Program at LifeStream, Medical Director for the American Red Cross Northern California, and Medical Director Blood Services and NMDP at the Inland Northwest Blood Center.

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