Family Caregiver

How Long-term Care Planning Saves Heartache

In 2010, a study sponsored by Genworth found that sixty-three percent of consumers believe they will not need senior care as they age. But a survey by the Inquiry reported seven out of ten Americans will require at least three years of care at some point after age 65. The data backs up the eventual need, but people still deny it. READ MORE

Senior Fraud

Elderly Abuse and Financial Frauds

The news reports it every day. Financial and other forms of violence directed to the elderly. It’s hard to believe how much the elderly suffer at the hand of unethical people. In 2009, MetLife estimated the financial loss due to scams neared $2.9 billion. But in the latest Truelink study, it found the financial loss to be twelve times higher than that, approximately 36.9% of seniors are affected by financial abuse. READ MORE

Long distance caregiving

Long-Distance Caregiving Tips

Having the caregiver responsibilities for an aging relative from long-distance is one of the toughest challenges a family member will ever face. And since so many adult children live miles away from a parent, their concern for safety, health, well-being, and nutrition is hard to coordinate and manage. If this situation matches your role, then you are a long-distance caregiver.READ MORE

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