Free Cremation in Florida

Cremation costs less than a traditional burial, but the average cost of cremation is still pretty high, up to $2500 when cremation, basic funeral services and transportation of your loved one are calculated in. Costs of cremation can be especially high in densely populated areas such as Florida.


California Cremation

Zero Cost California Cremation Supports Life

NBC columnist and creator of, Jim Miller, reports that a traditional funeral averages $10,000. today.  Cremation costs can run as high as $3000. California cremation is no exception.

Whole body donation to science is an alternative to traditional cremation. Science Care offers zero cost cremation with whole body donation. Science Care donors choose to support life by helping to advance medical training and knowledge that can save lives and improve the welfare of patients.


Biological Sample – What is that?

Biological Sample – A Primer

So you may be wondering, “What is a biological sample and why would a medical researcher need that?”

Great question! Simply put, this  type of request is for any type of biological specimen such as cells, internal organs, veins, or even fluids.  Researchers need specific types of human tissue to perform their work to advance medicine.  For example, Science Care donors recently helped in validating new blood testing methods.  The goal of this work is to provide more accurate results for patients.


Can I have a memorial service if I choose whole body donation? (and other questions)

The answer is a resounding YES!

We educate folks each day on the options available.  As a donor you family can still choose to have a memorial service or celebration of life event right away or after 3-5 weeks upon receiving the cremated remains.  It is a personal choice.  Our Donation Services Coordinators will offer to help locate a funeral establishment locally to help with any service arrangements or memorialization products.


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