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At Science Care, we provide donors and their loved ones the ability to leave a lasting legacy. We know we have one opportunity to honor a donor’s wishes, and we take that responsibility very seriously.

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Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

Founded in 2000, Science Care is the leading body donation authority in the world, and we set the industry standard that families have come to trust. Our commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality includes lobbying for responsible non-transplant tissue banking, meeting or exceeding all OSHA standards, and safe blood testing. Our accreditations and licenses include:

Our Clients and Our Impact on the Medical Community

Each year thousands of people choose to donate their body to science to change the world for all of us. Science Care whole body donors have accelerated medical research on many fronts, leading to new medical devices and safer, more effective treatment for patients.

Science Care has also helped to facilitate the training of thousands of surgeons and physicians at our medical training facilities as well as outside our facilities.

Our clients include top pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, renowned educational institutions, and healthcare organizations large and small, focused on improving patient outcomes and advancing medicine. We only work with qualified researchers and educators who have passed our stringent qualification process.

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