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The gift of donation is the gift that lives on in all of us. Register today — it takes less than 3 minutes.

Why Choose Body Donation to Science?

Science Care donors have made countless contributions to medical research and education in areas such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and orthopedics to name a few.

Why Donate?


Can I donate my body for medical research and education?

Nearly everyone will qualify for donation, and there is no upper age limit. By registering with Science Care, you can state your intent to donate your body to science for the opportunity to contribute to future medical advancements.

Do I have the option to be both an organ donor and a body donor for science?

You can register your intent for both organ donation and non-transplant donation. Science Care encourages life-saving organ donation prior to body donation to science. You will need to register for both programs separately and let your loved ones know of your wishes.

More Information

Proactive Planning

End-of-Life Options

Explore the differences between burial, direct cremation, body donation to science, university donation, and more.

Ensuring Your Wishes Are Known

About 40% of those who register to donate never become donors. Here’s what you can do to ensure your wishes are honored.

More about Science Care

The Science Care Process: How Body Donation Works

Learn about no-cost cremation, important forms to complete, and our commitment to honor each donor’s wish.

How You May Be Able to Advance Medical Research

96% of Science Care accepted donations are placed with medical education or research initiatives, helping donors leave a lasting legacy.

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