Organ donors can also register for body donation to science

There is an overwhelming need for both organ donation and body donation to science. The good news is, you can register your intent for both. Science Care always encourages life-saving donation prior to body donation to science. You will need to register for both programs separately, and let your loved ones know your wish to donate to both organizations.
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Being an organ donor vs. donating your body to science with Science Care

Organ donation is a live transplant to a living person. Donating your body to science is a non-transplant option helping to save countless lives through supporting medical research and education. Typically, registered organ donors can also donate their bodies to science.

Body donation to science can further the knowledge and skills of physicians and surgeons, and improve the quality of life for future generations. With body donation to science, factors such as cancer, autoimmune diseases, extended ventilator use, etc. are not rule-outs.  You will find the acceptance rate to be much higher.

The important thing to know is that you can do both organ donation and body donation to science. Make your wishes known to your loved ones, and be sure to sign up with each organization separately, as they are not linked together.

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