Body Donation to Science: Ensuring Your Wishes are Known

Joining the Science Care registry is an important first step, but simply stating intent doesn’t ensure your wishes will be carried out. It is important that you share your wish to donate with your loved ones.
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Planning Ahead: Share Your Wishes with Loved Ones

If you’ve decided that body donation is right for you, follow the steps outlined below to:

  • Ensure your wishes are carried out.
  • Give your loved ones the gift of clarity — they won't have to wonder what you want during a very difficult time.

It is estimated over 40% of those who register to donate never become donors.

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When You Join the Science Care Registry

Signing up to be on the registry is the first step toward making your body donation wishes known to loved ones and friends.

Steps to complete now:

  1. Complete registration.
  2. Sign and submit the self-consent form provided to you via email after registration. If you’ve not received this form or need us to resend it, please email our team at to request.
  3. Notify loved ones of your wish to donate; you can share this free information packet to get started.

Steps to complete after passing, with legal next of kin:

  1. Medical screening and social history. Acceptance decision made by Science Care.
  2. If Self-Consent wasn’t already obtained, we will determine who can consent (if there is not a legal consenter, we cannot proceed). All people in the legal consenting class must be willing to sign the consent form.
  3. Death certificate information obtained.
  4. Transport provider sent to bring you into our care, or the care of one of our nationwide partners.

If You Enroll in Science Care’s HOPE® Program

The HOPE® Program for terminally-ill patients or people in hospice or palliative care is a pre-arrangement program offering a one-year priority consideration for acceptance into our program at the time of passing. This gives you and your family peace of mind when you need it most (exclusions apply).

Steps to Complete Now:

  1. Medical screening and social history.
  2. Self-consent (if applicable) or consenter determined. NOTE: Self-consent can only be complete if there is no memory loss, confusion, Alzheimer’s, or dementia.
  3. Death certificate information obtained.
  4. Express wishes to loved ones.

Steps to Complete After Passing:

  1. Science Care is notified of the passing, and upon acceptance, transport will be sent to bring you into our care, or the care of one of our nationwide partners.

If you take no action...

Your loved ones will be left to coordinate your wishes.  If your family does not know about your wish to donate, it could negatively impact your ability to donate.

Start pre-planning

Body Donation to Science FAQ

  • How should I write my will or advanced directives?
  • Is Science Care available in my state?
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