Science Care is a body donation to science program that offers no-cost cremation.

Together, we can...
Help future generations through improved scientific research and education.
If a loved one is terminally ill or has passed away, Science Care can help during this difficult time. Click below to begin the body donation process.
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Thank you to every donor who gave their final gift to make all of our lives better!


Body Donation to Science: The Ultimate Gift to Future Generations

The gift of body donation allows medical researchers and educators to practice, learn, and create new techniques that continue to improve and save lives.

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Because of the generosity of those who have donated their bodies to science, we all experience:
Increased life expectancy
Increased quality of life

Is body donation to science free?

Upon acceptance into the Science Care program, there are no costs associated with your donation. We cover the cost of transportation, cremation, filing the death certificate and permits, and the cost of returning cremated remains to a designated recipient.

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Learn more about no-cost cremation

Along with nearly all funeral homes and crematories in the U.S., Science Care is a for-profit organization. This allows us to offer body donation and cremation services to donors and families at no cost.

Our Clients & Trade Partners

Science Care partners with top universities, medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and world-renowned medical training organizations to facilitate advancements in medical science.

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