For veterans: Body donation to science resources

Through body donation to science, veterans can continue their legacy of service to others.
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Body donors to science have played a critical role in our military: Surgeons and nurses are trained for deployment, and combat medics learn how to manage trauma situations in the field. If you are interested in becoming a body donor for science, you can register today.

Body donation to science & burial at a VA National Cemetery

Along with the no-cost benefits of donating your body to science, your family may arrange to have your cremated remains interred in a VA national cemetery at no cost. The honors will be the same as those veterans buried in a casket:

  • Gravesite in one of 131 national cemeteries
  • Government headstone or marker
  • Presidential memorial certificate
  • United States of America burial flag
  • Perpetual care

Heroes forever

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1 in 4

Science Care donors has previously served in a branch of our military.

We support their continued mission to serve.

Veterans support

Veterans Administration caregiver support

Support and services for families caring for veterans. Maintains a Veteran caregiver support line.

VA Health care

Find out if you’re eligible for Veterans health care benefits, apply, and more.

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