Donors Positively Impact Medical Science and Patient Care

Donors Positively Impact Medical Science and Patient Care

The selfless gift of body donation to science provides medical researchers, students, and professionals the means to advance medical science, increase anatomical knowledge, improve patient care, and perfect surgical skills.

Body donors leave a legacy by positively impacting the quality of life for both current and future generations. Many different options for body donation exist, and Program acceptance varies widely between options.  

We strive to be fully transparent in our efforts to educate the public about body donation to science.  Every potential Science Care donor is assessed prior to acceptance into the Program to ensure that we can honor the intent of donation through placement of a tissues with researchers and medical professionals.

Though final acceptance into the Program is not granted until after passing, we do have a broad group of medical organizations and professionals we support, allowing us to honor the wish of donation for most people wishing to donate. 

Science Care Donors are medically diverse

We often hear from potential donors that they were under the impression certain medical conditions may prevent them from becoming a donor. 

Science Care is excited to share that in most instances, the below conditions do not impact our ability to accept a donor into the Program. In fact, various organizations with which Science Care works often seek tissue from donors with these conditions to further specific research, development, and training! 

  • Cancer
  • Neurological Disease (Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, etc.)
  • Heart Disease / Heart Surgery
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis
  • Joint replacements
  • Past or current COVID-19 infection

Live Transplant and Body Donation are not mutually exclusive

Additional feedback we receive from potential donors indicates some programs may not be able to facilitate donation for those who have undergone recovery of organs for use in live transplant settings. 

Science Care fully supports and encourages the recovery of organs for live transplant purposes, as transplants extend and save lives! 

We are proud to work closely with Organ Procurement Organizations to be able to facilitate body donation for many organ donors to ensure the generous gift left by individuals wishing to participate in both live transplant donation and body donation is maximized to the fullest!

Other key differences between Science Care’s Donor Program and other body donation options would be our ability to place tissue for medical research, training, and education from donors who:

  • Have undergone an autopsy following their passing
  • May be underweight or overweight

In some situations — not all —weight can play a part in our ability to accept donation. Many airlines and logistics providers have weight maximums for our type of transport, which limits the weight maximums we can accept. It is our goal to honor the intent of all donors, so we review each situation and work diligently to find matches for as many donors as possible.  

No Cost Donation and Cremation — and timely return of cremated remains

Some programs may require the Donor or their loved ones to coordinate, facilitate, or pay costs associated with: 

  • Donor Transportation 
  • Donor Cremation
  • Return Transportation and Delivery of Cremated Remains

Once a donor is accepted into the Science Care Program, all costs associated with the above actions are paid by Science Care, making our program a true no-cost option for end-of-life care.  Once accepted into the Science Care Program, there are absolutely no charges associated with the processing of the donation to the donor or their loved ones.     

Another significant difference to explore when comparing body donation to science programs would be the amount of time loved ones may have to wait to receive their loved one’s cremated remains following donation. 

Where some programs may withhold remains for a period of two years or longer prior to their return, the Science Care Program is proud to be able to provide our Donor loved one’s expedient closure by providing return of partial cremated remains not placed with current medical research and educational programs within 3-5 weeks following donation. 

In addition to the above, each donor accepted into the Science Care Program further benefits current and future generations by contributing to reforestation efforts across the country through our Memory in Nature ® program!

Thank you to all who donate!

We extend our most sincere, heartfelt thanks to all who participate in donation for both live transplant and medical research, training, and educational purposes. Each donor truly has a positive impact on the lives of countless others and leaves behind a profound legacy. 

If you are exploring end-of-life care options, or considering the option of body donation to science, we encourage you to educate yourself on the details of different programs available, and confirm your selected program aligns with your preferences.

For more information, including body donation compared to other alternatives, visit our end-of-life options comparison guide.  Should you have questions regarding the Science Care Program, please browse our website or contact us at 800-417-3747.

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