End of Life Care: Death Doulas

End of Life Care: Death Doulas

Many are familiar with the concept of a birth doula, a trained professional who provides support during the labor and delivery process. Most don’t realize that there are also doulas that provide support during a health-related experience, miscarriage, stillbirth or even death. 

It may feel counterintuitive to invite another professional into your space at the end of a loved one’s life, but end-of-life doulas help normalize and offer extensive support during the deathcare process. While hospice care providers are present to aid in the medical needs surrounding end of life, death doulas offer emotional, physical and spiritual support.

Keep reading to learn more about the ways that Death Doulas offer emotional, spiritual and physical support to their clients.


Part of a Death Doula’s role is to be a steady, calming presence in your space during your loved one’s end of life. These professionals are trained to remain focused and intuitive in times of heightened stress and emotion. Death Doulas can also provide support for spiritual practices, traditions, or new rituals to mark the special moments during this time. 


A vital part of end-of-life care is taking the time to have difficult, frank conversations about death. A Death Doula can serve as a guide for the conversation, helping remove pressure and ensure that your loved one’s final wishes are honored. 


While a Death Doula cannot serve as a medical professional, they can offer vital respite care. Having someone take on part of the physical and practical care can ease the burden for loved one’s caring for someone at their end-of-life. Death Doulas are also trained to walk you through the signs and symptoms of the dying process, which can offer peace of mind during the process. 

Grief Support

After your loved one has passed, it’s common to feel overwhelmed with grief and the details of coordinating their final disposition or celebration of life. Having a Death Doula that you’re familiar with can provide immense relief. They’re not only there to serve your loved one but can also guide you through the early stages of your grief. 

While no one can take away the suffering and discomfort of losing a loved one, it is possible to have support and guidance through the process. If you or a loved one are interested in seeking out the services of a Death Doula: 

National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) 

International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA)

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