Free Cremation in Florida

Free Cremation in Florida

Cremation costs less than a traditional burial, but the average cost of cremation is still quite high — up to $2,500 when cremation, basic funeral services, and transportation of your loved one are calculated in.

Costs of cremation can be especially high in densely populated areas such as Florida. Science Care offers free cremation in Miami and throughout Florida. Whole body donors who gift their body to be used for medical research and training through can receive no-cost cremation in Florida.

What do we mean by no-cost cremation?

Science Care will cover the costs of transportation of the body, filing of the death certificate, and cremation. Additionally, Science Care will return the cremated remains at no cost.

Through our HOPE program, Science Care offers a pre-screening program for hospice patients, allowing them to go through the donor assessment prior to passing, giving peace of mind to the donor and family members.

Whole body donation is a life-affirming alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation. Science Care’s body donation to science program links donors with medical researchers and educators who are working to advance medicine for everyone.

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