How Pets Add Value to Our Lives

How Pets Add Value to Our Lives

There’s truly nothing quite like coming home to the presence of your beloved furry friend. Their endless snuggles, unconditional love, and steadfast presence can brighten even the most difficult of days. 

Over time, pets have adapted to be more in tune with their human counterparts, even showing signs of being aware of behavior and emotions. Animals recognize our tone of voice, gestures and body language and are able to interpret meaning and wellness from these signals.

For aging adults, scientific studies have begun to reveal that being a pet parent can significantly improve their quality of life and even their health. Keep reading for four reasons having a pet is powerful:


While it can be difficult to start a conversation or push past your comfort zone to socialize, having a pet can lead to natural opportunities for connection. Taking a beloved dog to the dog park or setting up communal walks with other pet owners can be a great place to start. Pets are known to increase the opportunities for social connection in a natural, stress-free way. 


There is great power in the act of taking care of another creature. Having a pet has been proven to add value and meaning to their owners’ lives. In addition, committing to a pet also serves as a promise to be involved in another life, which can give the owner a purpose in life. 


While being a pet owner can add responsibility to your life, it’s not all bad. The act of providing daily care to a pet can give helpful structure and purpose to your life.


The simple act of petting your animal can immediately decrease the stress hormone, cortisol. High levels of cortisol can cause fatigue, anxiety, high blood pressure, and much more. Taking care of a pet naturally adds more exercise to your routine, which can improve brain health, and reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and more.

One of the reasons that animals offer such an enormous therapeutic benefit is due to the human need for physical touch. Our bodies experience neurochemical changes after experiencing touch, which studies indicate release good hormones, reduces stress hormones and boosts your immune system. Essentially, pets are good for the soul.

If you’re interested in the many benefits of having a pet, read more here.

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