Meet Science Care: Mike Huston

Meet Science Care: Mike Huston

Founded in 2000, Science Care is the leading body donation authority in the world, and we set the industry standard that families have come to trust. We are proud of our commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the team that strives tirelessly to ensure we honor donors’ desire to leave a lasting legacy. In this series, we will introduce you to our team so you can get to know the passion that drives us.

Mike Huston joined Science Care in 2012 as the Arizona Lab Manager before moving to Director of Lab Operations and then settling in his current position as the Vice President of Lab Operations. His career is highlighted with many positions in operations, quality control and management. 

As the Vice President of Lab Operations, Mike oversees the daily operations for Science Care’s seven facilities around the United States. Among the most important aspects of his job is focusing on employee development, which he finds incredibly rewarding. At Science Care, employees are able to grow and advance in their careers, and Mike has coached countless staff through their progression at Science Care. 

Mike’s position also includes quality follow-up, facility maintenance and safety, and ensuring compliance with American Association of Tissue Banks’ (AATB) Standards, Science Care procedures and state regulations. He has served as the chairman of the Non-Transplant Anatomical Donation (NADO) Council and as a member of the American Association of Tissue Banks’ (AATB) Board of Governors. Both opportunities provided a wonderful experience networking and working alongside the nation’s premier tissue donation accrediting organizations. 

Outside of work, you can find Mike spending time with his family – wife of 25 years, Donna, two sons, and daughter. Donna, a dedicated nurse, most recently in a prison, isn’t one to back down from a hearty dose of adrenaline. When recounting a vacation to Colorado with his family, Mike remembers white water rafting and sky diving as some of the most memorable of the trip.

“The medical advances that have taken place as a result of precious whole-body donations are incredible. Many major advances in medicine are predicated on being able to utilize donated human tissue for research and training. The work our teams do to facilitate these great advances is very valuable.” – Mike Huston

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