Meet Science Care: Rachel Thorman

Meet Science Care: Rachel Thorman

Founded in 2000, Science Care is the leading body donation authority in the world, and we set the industry standard that families have come to trust. We are proud of our commitment to the highest levels of safety and quality.

Our work wouldn’t be possible without the team that works tirelessly to ensure we honor donors’ desire to leave a lasting legacy. In this series, we will introduce you to our team so you can get to know the passion that drives us. 

Rachel Thorman, Science Care’s Vice President of Donor Services, believes so strongly in whole body donation that she is also a registered donor.

Born and raised in a small town outside of Indianapolis, Rachel moved to Arizona after college in an attempt to escape the snow.

Over the past 17 years, Rachel has dedicated her career to helping people through devastating life events.  Before joining Science Care, she worked for a firm that secured temporary housing for those that lost their home to fire, flood, or other natural disasters.  Her passion for building strong, efficient customer service teams that support families during traumatic events led her to Science Care seven years ago.

“I take great pride in helping our donors and their families through the donation journey.”

In her current role as Vice President of Donor Services, Rachel leads a highly skilled team responsible for the donation screening process with donors and their families.  Over the years with Science Care, there’s one thing that she wishes the public understood.

“I never knew how critical it was to create and maintain a Medical Power of Attorney,” Rachel said. “We have a reminder to change our smoke alarm batteries, but I haven’t taken the time to review my final documents to ensure my wishes and my family are taken care of properly should anything happen to me. Working with our donors and their families has shown me how critical this is. As you age, your wishes could change. If you forget to update your documentation to align with your current wishes, it could impact your loved one’s ability to carry out those end-of-life wishes on your behalf, which can be devastating when they’re grieving a loss.”

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys spending time with her husband of 14 years, Andrew, her two children, and their rescue dog, Dexter.

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