Why do people choose cremation?

Why do people choose cremation?

Cremation is the process of reducing the human remains to bone fragments. The resulting fragments are pulverized into very fine particles, often called “ashes” or “cremated remains”.

Many people choose cremation as a final disposition and they do so for a variety of reasons. In fact, nearly 50% of all deaths result in cremation in the United States and that number is growing quickly year over year.

*Note: Final disposition is different than memorialization. Memorialization can occur with any type of human remains disposition. Memorialization is the act of remembering and honoring the life of the decedent.The key reasons why so many people are choosing cremation are:

  • Separation of family across the U.S. (non-traditional family nucleus)
  • Increasing acceptance of the cremation process in our culture
  • Eco-consciousness tendencies in consumers (don’t want to take up precious land space with a traditional burial in a cemetery)
  • Increasingly higher levels of education correlate with higher rates of cremation
  • Most all religions today accept cremation
  • New, innovative, and creative memorialization trends are more of the focus today than the traditional graveside service and burial
  • The cost of cremation is dramatically lower than a traditional burial (typically under $1500 for cremation and $7000+ for burial)
  • The process or arranging cremation is much simpler for the consumer
  • Globalization and urbanization may have an indirect impact on our own cultural traditions – many countries around the world have cremation rates of over 70%

With so many choosing cremation today please consider leaving a lasting legacy prior to cremation with the gift of body donation for medical research and training. Cremation is an intrinsic part of the body donation process and is included at zero cost. It is wonderful way to honor your loved one by giving back to future generations directly through non-transplant tissue donation.

With the Science Care body donor program, we place each donor’s tissue with an average of 6 different medical and scientific research or training projects. These programs directly impact patient care today and for generations to come. It is truly a selfless gift and with cremation included at  no-cost, the family does not have the burden of  final expenses at a time when often it is emotionally and financially difficult and draining.

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