Agnes Duhon

October 1946
January 2023


Trying to find the words for losing a mother is one of the most difficult things to do. especially when she was so special like Agnes Marie Duhon was. A mother is a True Blessing from God. Agnes M. Duhon Was Born October 10, 1946, in Lafayette la. to Victoria Duhon and Austin Duhon Sr. Agnes was the firstborn of 4 children. Bernard Duhon, Austin Duhon Jr. and Angela Duhon. She was raised in Sunset La, where she went to school from elementary to high school. She graduated valedictorian of her graduating class; she was a very smart and assertive young woman who knew what she wanted out of life and strived for excellence. She was the first child and first grandchild to attend College, she studied at Xavior University in New Orleans La and attended Grambling State University where she graduated with a degree in Business and also became an A.K.A. Sorour. along with her many accomplishments Agnes had a big voice and a big impact on everyone she met. She was a true leader wanting education and fairness in all situations that she believed in. She was not short on how she felt about anything that mattered to her, her words were always her bond. she meant what she said and said what she meant. (Very strong individual). Agnes wore many hats on her journey in this world she was a member of the Council on Aging where she visited facilities for the elderly. She was employed at South Central Bell in Lafayette la, St. Landry School Board Office, Police Officer, and Private Investigator in Opelousas La, A Teacher, Program Director of a Boys' Home, and her Recent job before retirement at The City of Opelousas Water Department. She retired at the age of 71 and received the key to the city in her honor. She was Respected and looked up to by many who knew her as well as in her community. Agnes has two children Joseph R. McCallister (51) and Jamie W. Melancon (34). Joseph is the father to her first grandchild Cameron James McCallister also lives in Florida (19). Jamie is Married to Joseph Melancon Jr. of Opelousas la, now currently living in Houston Tx, where Agnes resided for the last 5 years. She enjoyed her retirement with her daughter and son-in-law where she became a big influence and help in their newly married journey. Agnes helped guide and lead in so many ways of showing love and compassion. She was stern yet gentile in her ways of teaching. She loved Coffee and Communication and had wonderful memories with their new addition to the family an English bulldog named (DAK) who brought her much joy in her retirement years. Agnes had a strong belief in God and the will to succeed in everything she did. she was not one to give up and quit. She always believed that you could do anything you put your mind to. She leaves a legacy behind for her children, grandchildren, and future grandchildren. To be strong in the Lord and know that he comes first in everything you do, that the power of prayer will carry you through....

Friends & Family

Bernard Duhon (Brother); Austin Duhon Jr. (Brother); Angela M. Duhon (Sister); Joseph R. McCallister (Son); Jamie W. Melancon (Daughter); Joseph L. Melancon Jr. (Son in Law); Cameron McCallister (Grandson); Stephanie Duhon (Niece); Nicholas Duhon (Nephew); Melancon and Malbrough Family (Of Louisiana and Houston Tx); And A Multitude of Family and Friends

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