Alberta Lee Hull

March 1959
November 2022


Together forever eternally with you... (circa: April 1993) The words are never ever going to get in the way when I'm trying to say I love you, all our memories straight from my heart to you Baby, lives on forever...I've been looking for that very special girl to meet Someday, share my life and tell her how fine she looks, how much I want her in my life, how "Love Struck" really Feels!!! But you know, as fate would have it, I did have that chance just about 29 plus years ago. Yes, I did meet that very special girl...Yes, I caught her Blue Eyes 7 boats away April 11th 1993 on Mombasa Bay on that perfect clear sunny & bright Sunday afternoon that day, as she struts in and looks out towards the docks and checks me out, rafted out/off the docks on my 32ft. St Tropez cruiser... 7 Boats Away. The first time we met, danced to Mombasa Bay, I fell right there and then, I didn't want that song to end. Baby blue was the color of her eyes, I can still see them in my mind, for the rest of my life... You see, I have been impacted by time from the very first time I saw those baby blue eyes... Its been fate, and right timing but, believe me when I tell you > Never a Coincidence...Once upon a time on a Saturday afternoon in Key Largo Fl. & that rushing incoming tide. I tossed that vintage 1853 wine bottle floating with a message Inside in transit to your heart: It Read: I want you in my life "Forever" I didn't mean just the fantastic party, dancing & great times we were having enjoying then, or all the other happy adventure trails, canoeing, hiking, boating, snorkeling, spontaneous Sunday drives to N. Florida. Hey that day I meant Forever Eternally Together You & I Baby! I never love that hard and I do admit, I loved showing you off.

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