Alisk Mcgaskiee

November 1979
December 2022


My sister Alisk was a very warm-hearted person she loved to dance, sing, and cook and she loved her family she loved people she will help people, she like to keep her house clean, and most important thing out of all of this she loved god she will pray every day she would call me and be like sis call me when you get back in the house so I would call her back she will go praying to thank God I made it home safely my sister was my best friend and I wanted to let her know thank you sis for being that friend, that Big Sister I always wanted I will never forget you So Rest on with love and peace I will all cherish your memories so do a dance for me with the family keep watching over us 😘💕😘💕

Friends & Family

Destiny is her Daughter, Sabrina is her Sister, Daneisha is her niece, Zadayah is her niece, and her nephews and niece and her immediate family

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