Andrew DeAngelis

May 1959
November 2023


Andrew DeAngelis was Italian. He loved cooking Italian food, he loved pizza, rock n roll music, going to concerts, and going on road trips. He also loved his wife very much and his two children, Ricky and Rebecca DeAngelis. Lolita DeAngelis, his wife, also loved him very much. They enjoyed spending time together at restaurants or bike riding, shooting pool, playing board games, or watching Jeopardy, Family Feud, or TV shows from the seventies. He also liked making things like furniture. He was very creative. He loved comedy and often told jokes. He also loved karaoke and would often sing songs. He sang me Barry White songs at our wedding reception. I miss him so much but I will hold on to our precious memories forever.

Friends & Family

Rebecca DeAngelis, Ricky DeAngelis, Jaclyn Long, David Adam Tucker Sonnya Barrios, his wife Lolita Himes DeAngelis

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