Angela VanRuiten

September 1977
June 2023


Angela Marie VanRuiten Estrada entered the world on September 2, 1977. Born to Gerry and Toni VanRuiten, Angie was the middle daughter and as such, was known to act as the peacekeeper and general support to both of her sisters, Amy and Lisa. Angie grew up on the ranch in Oakdale, California alongside some of her favorite friends which included her horses, cows and rabbits, many of which she showed during her stint in the 4-H Club. Whether Angie was out on the ranch, riding horses or hanging out at her Oma’s, tending to her cows, Angie felt a sense of peace when she was out on the ranch, which provided her comfort throughout the years. Whether it was being voted Salutatorian of her Oakdale Junior High Class of 1991, or graduating with honors from the University of the Pacific with a degree in Biology, Angie was known for her intelligence but she was never too busy to help tutor her classmates. Angie went on to share her love of education and learning through working as a second grade teacher at Standiford Elementary School for many years. Angie touched the lives of everyone she met and she held her family (which includes many aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, parents, grandparents, Oma and Opa) very close and though she lost her parents, Gerry and Toni, when they were young, she was able to rely upon her many family members to cope and move forward and celebrate their lives. Angie was a friend to many, whether it was her elementary school friends, some she had known for years, or her colleagues from her days spent teaching, and one thing everyone could agree upon was that Angie was a true friend, a trusted confidante, a supportive shoulder and a source of comfort who in her own quiet way, provided so much joy and love to those who were fortunate enough to know and love her. Though Angie lived with Huntington’s Disease, a long-term illness, her life was not defined by it. She cherished every day and was grateful for each moment, especially those spent with her husband of almost a decade, Ed. Ed and Angie’s love story began with a chance meeting at a Chris Isaak Concert, one night that would forever change both of their lives. Ed celebrated Angie every day, whether it was by serenading her with his music or honoring her with love letters or baking her some of her favorite banana bread and Angie did the same through opening up his heart and sharing her love and compassion and strength. Ed continued to care for Angie as her illness progressed and their bond only grew stronger throughout the years. Ed was by her side, holding her, as she left this world, on Tuesday, June 6, 2023. Angie always enjoyed the outdoors, and she was thrilled when she and Ed relocated to Metaline Falls, Washington, a few years ago. Ed and Angie were welcomed into the community and often found themselves outside, taking in a baseball game at the local park or strolling around downtown, meeting their neighbors and making new friends within their community.

Friends & Family

Angie's Friends, The wonderful caring staff at Hospice of Spokane, The entire VanRuiten Family

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