Ann Hoffmann

July 1932
April 2024


Ann Hoffmann died suddenly in the hospital on April 21st from an aggressive infection that took her in 24 hours. Her wish was granted for a quick passing. She was born July 26, 1932 in Chicago. Her parents were immigrants from the Volga German community in Russia, leaving during the 1918 revolution, to save their lives and make their way to America in 1927. She favored her mother in a spirit of active independence, blended with generosity and good humor. Like her mother, she was easy to love. Ann married her husband, Jim Hoffmann, when she was 40, so they did not have children. They became part of the families of their brothers and sisters with all the wonderful nephews and nieces. In their marriage Ann and Jim became each other's best friends, usually walking hand in hand as an expression of their deep love. Ann would often say to Jim: “You know, we have been very lucky.” And Jim would say: “That is for sure. Alleluia!” Ann served as a primary school teacher and principal for 20 years, changing to a hospital Human Resources clerk and then to an Office Manager for an Urology Surgeon till retirement. With Jim and during her work life, she was always a listener and a learner. She loved the process of continuing to grow up as a human being, and to share that with others. And with all that she loved a fun time, especially at family gatherings. Ann is the last of her siblings, but she is survived by many nieces, nephews, and cousins on her side and on Jim's side. We are all with each other in spirit now and into the future. Ann donated her full body to science. When her ashes are returned in about four weeks, we will have a celebration of her life at the Lodge Retirement Community, 12050 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45249.

Friends & Family

Mike and Jane Eckstein, Marcia Eckstein and William Smith, Marty and Carol Eckstein, Joe and Terrie Eckstein, John and Judy Eckstein, Jim and Tammy Eckstein

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