Ansuyaben Bhakta

March 1958
September 2023


Ansuya was born in a small town in India and lived a simple life with her 2 parents, 5 sisters, cousins, and village friends and families before she married in 1974. She enjoyed this new journey and moved to America in 1979. She came to America to start her new life and had her first daughter in 1980. Their journey brought them from Oklahoma to Nebraska and finally to Harlingen Texas in 1982. They settled down purchased a small business and had their second daughter in 1984. They worked hard to earn and provide for their kids a life that they could only imagine they had when they were growing up. They worked diligently to keep their faith and culture in their kids. Ansuya loved food and cooking for others. Anyone who has crossed her path knows that she will not let you leave her house without having something she has made or some fruit. She was full of joy and left a sprinkle in everyone's memory of that laughter and fun. We will never forget her fun banters at family gatherings. She loved to sing and dance as well. Her energetic nature lit up the room when she arrived. She will be missed but never forgotten. Life will never be the same, but you are in a peaceful paradise. Her faith was so strong that we will instill it in our lives. We love you for all you did for us. Rest in peace my love, my dear mother and beautiful soul. ❤️

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