Arlene Louton

April 1938
May 2024


Born an only child to Clarence Behnke (an orphan) and Pauline Shonhardt a widower in Youngstown, Ohio on April 3, 1938, Arlene Behnke Louton, and a gentle smile. She liked the Golden Lamb Inn and Hocking Hills and hiking the state parks in Ohio. She liked Shaker Village KY and Mammoth Cave and camping sometimes even without a tent all over the Midwest. She liked the museums in NY and Chicago and Minneapolis as well as the ethnic restaurants in said places. She loved Switzerland and Isle Royale in Lake Superior. She backpacked Isle Royale several times as well as the Rocky Mountains from Canada down to New Mexico. She fell in love with Arizona and died there Friday, May 31, 2024, peacefully at the foot of the Mountains at Brookdale Catalina La Rosa assisted living in Tucson AZ. She loved the outside surroundings there. She has no close living relatives and has been estranged from all her living friends except for me for several years. She was briefly married to John Louton. All but one of her many college friends died some years ago.

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