Arlene Straka

January 1927
November 2023


Arlene was born in Jan 1927 the fourth child of Frank and Lucy Bonadio. She was 15 minutes older than her twin sister Margaret. She was preceded in death by her parents and siblings Fred Bonadio, George Bonadio, Virginia Bonadio Bock, and Margaret Bonadio Lange. She was a graduate of Russell Sage College(Troy NY) in 1948 studying Retail Merchandising. She started her career in retail and became a buyer for the department store frequently traveling to New York City. After having children she returned to her love of retail until her retirement. She loved her family and left behind her two Sons: Frank and Fred, and Five Grandchildren: Frank C, Anna, Adam, Rebekah, and David. She saw her first Great-Granddaughter Madeline. She believed eating right and exercising was the key to a healthy life. Arlene started every morning reading her bible, she loved Jesus. She loved to travel and had seen the world traveling to all seven continents. In her retirement, she ran the county Library's online auction of books and volunteered at the Salvation Army Angel Tree in the mall at Christmas for many years. As someone who worked retail, it was fitting she left us on Black Friday.

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