Azalea Maria Rosenfeld - Truesdell

December 1933
May 2023


Azalea Maria Truesdell, Our mother, was born on December 25, 1933, in Brooklyn, New York. She was raised by her Northern European parents in Guam with her Army military family clear through high school, and then back to Bronx ,New York where she fell in love with Sam Rosenfeld. They moved to California and had five children, nine grandchildren, and seven great-grandchildren in her four-generation legacy. Our angel mother joined her daughter, two sons, two brothers, and parents in heaven during a Super Nova on May 17, 2023. Azalea, our mother, lived her life as a Supernova. She was involved with her children, as a cub scout leader, girl scout leader, PTA and many other activities. She was a life member of Veterans of Foreign Wars, a Chaplin, and women of the Moose Lodge, Women of American Legion, and Elks Lodge. She wrote sermons for her church. She also had a distinctive catering company, a member of the Leathernecks sports club, and was an avid racing team driver for stock cars for 10 years, an avid boater, and had a love of riding Harleys and other big bikes and she had many horses. She danced and socialized. Yes, a well-rounded woman. She always helped the community locals everywhere she lived. A life journey for her children and grandchildren, always stepping up to be a team leader every day that she could. She spoke a few languages and traveled the world. She battled cancer, and always said, "There was something I needed to get off my chest, double mastectomy" and WON. She also battled Heart disease, and open heart surgeries, and kept her beat strong and WON, In later years, she traveled through all of Europe until settling down in Arizona. She never said no or I can't in any situation she looked forward. And always said Thank you, I love you More More More until her last years in Northern California where she lived until she was called home. A God-loving soul, to her last breath. True to herself, family, friends and the world. In so many ways she is still living in each one of us, to continue to honor the late Great Azalea a beautiful flower a Child of God. We will miss her with all our hearts and she will never be forgotten. Our Lady of the Lakes, The World, Our Lives. May Peace be with you, as our Love will always be with you, too. God Bless you Mom, we Love you. Rest In Peace.

Friends & Family

Sharon Rosenfeld and Debbie Foley

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