Barbara Greene

December 1945
June 2024


Barbara J. Greene died peacefully in a hospice on June 10, 2024. Throughout her life, Barbara was extremely generous with her time and resources, often going out of her way to help those in need. As a licensed practical nurse, she provided compassionate care to thousands of patients during her 30-year career. She was a supportive wife to two husbands and a loving mother to three children. While many remember Barbara as being a practical person, she had creative inclinations. She wrote free verse poetry, some of which was published. She also designed and assembled miniature wishing wells using cardboard substrates covered with decorative stones. As a Christian, her faith in God saw her through many challenges. Her wonderful sense of humor was another saving grace. Barbara was fond of music, art, travel, and laughter. She will be treasured in the hearts of all those whose lives she touched.

Friends & Family

1st husband of 14 years: Michael Scott; Children: Christopher Scott, Jeffrey Scott, Kimberly Villanueva. 2nd husband of 4 years: Tom Greene (deceased). Cousins: Diane Anderson, Sharon Jansky, Jim Schmainda, Les Murray and several others living in Minnesota. Friends: Dee Ringstad, Theresa Paquette, Marlyn Caster and many other acquaintances that miss her.

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